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Using advanced technologies we manufacture high-quality aluminium and aluminium alloy products. We offer comprehensive and quality services to our users. We are committed to prevent pollution and we strive to constantly reduce environmental impacts which are the consequence of our current and past activities. At the same time we are increasing our energy efficiency. We will constantly improve quality management systems, environmental management systems and health and safety at work by following the commitments which we have set in various areas of our business operations.


  • Our operations will be focused on business growth, long-term financial safety and added value per employee.
  • We will increase the level of user satisfaction by meeting deadlines and ensuring timely deliveries and by upgrading the information system for an improved information transfer.
  • We will invest in advanced technology and develop innovative products with higher added value.


  • We will contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing TGP emissions by recycling secondary raw material and carefully using all resources, especially by reducing the specific consumption of energy products by developing and investing in energy-efficient installations.
  • We will ensure a safe use of chemicals, look for substitutes for hazardous substances and operate in accordance with the REACH directive.
  • We will minimise the negative effects on the quality of air, water and other natural resources and will preserve biodiversity.
  • We will invest in the top available production techniques, introduce safer and health and environmentally friendly processes in accordance with technological and financial capabilities and taking into consideration the principles of economy.


  • We will build an organisational culture in which employee safety and health are a priority with the intention of constantly preventing the occurrence of accidents at work and other incidents.
  • We will ensure a high degree of fire safety.
  • We will constantly raise the awareness among employees, train them for safe work and encourage a healthy lifestyle.
  • We will include workers’ representatives in the management of the safety and health at work system and regularly consult and actively encourage the involvement of our employees.


  • We will constantly invest in the improvement of processes, relevant technology and raise awareness among people in order to increase the level of information protection.
  • We will build an organisational culture in which protecting the organisation’s professional secrecy, protecting personal information and other rights and liberties of individuals is an important aspect and a strong imperative of our operation.


  • In all areas of operation we will recognise and manage risks that could jeopardise the company’s operations.


  • We will listen to the expectations, ideas and initiatives of all interested parties, particularly to users, employees and the public, and will respond to their needs.
  • Our activities in the area of managing employees will be directed toward building employee commitment, encouraging teamwork, developing leadership and preventing injuries and damage to health.
  • We will identify the relevant statutory requirements and ensure compliance. The Group and individual companies will also identify and adhere to all other commitments that have been made with the involvement of stakeholders at all levels of operation.


The specified policy of the Impol Group is binding for all companies and processes operating on its behalf.