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Impol is heading toward a green economy


Aluminium may be recycled infinitely and is a durable metal. In line with global development, the Impol Group has also taken the path toward a green economy and is joining the European Green Deal, the objective of which is to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. This time around, the 16th RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM OF THE IMPOL GROUP had a green tint to it.  And the central idea was the development strategy which will take us into a sustainable future. In the introduction, the Executive Director Andrej Kolmanič, the Executive Director of Finance and IT Irena Šela, the Extruding Division Director Urh Knuplež, MA, the Rolling Division Director Tomaž Smolar and the Foundry Division Director Jure Čretnik presented the Strategy draft of the Impol Group for the next cycle with key focuses on sustainable development and increase in added value. In addition to internal lecturers, who presented the aspect of transitioning to a green economy by individual processes, we also hosted two external lecturers. Sandro Starita, the Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Sustainable Development and Recycling Director at the European Aluminium Association (EAA), presented the concept of EAA’s sustainable development and policies. Tomas Vučurević, Brand Development Advisor and CEO of BRAIND, broadened our horizons and gave us fresh inspiration to build Impol’s sustainable brand.



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